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FIT Academy

FIT Academy asked me to design the company courses presentation, the main challenge was to find a balance between a professional and a more friendly approach. I introduced a darker shade of green into the color palette as well as a newly designed icon set among other elements to enrich their Brand Identity. As reported …


Mamusic | Timothy Brock

MAMUSIC, is an agency of representation, promotion and artistic consultancy, founded in 1996 it focuses on calssical music and collaborates with all the main musical institutions, theaters and festivals around the world. They asked me to design the Timothy Brock official brochure. Brock is a well known conductor and composer specializing in concert works of …


Hub in Villa

Il logo creato per lo spazio rispecchia una’identità fresca e dinamica. L’atmosfera da incubatore di idee e start-up si materializza in un logo dinamico che può cambiare nel tempo facendo ruotare gli elementi attorno al nucleo centrale e utilizzandoli come pattern colorato.


cilindro papillon e benzina

“Cilindro, Papillon e Benzina” (Cylinder Hat, Papillon and Petrol) is the second poetry book written by Fabrizio Tagliaferri. The author’s personal style avoids punctuation and capital letters. It is direct and minimal, thus we decided to develop a totally graphic cover, which would simply traslate the title words into images. We created also a full …